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Posted on Jul 7th, 2011 by Shuchi in What Others Say

The Blue Mug Cast There is a whole lot of good writing about The Blue Mug online. Linking to the articles I enjoyed most.

Unboxed Writers has an amazingly detailed review.

Have you noticed, how for every point, life offers a counterpoint? As if to remind you that for every ‘this,’ there is a ‘that? And for every Delhi Belly, there is The Blue Mug?

Read the full review – Memory is a Blue Mug.

I was sore about being quoted out of context in this Indian Express article, but my complaint seems trivial after reading Bijoy Venugopal’s experience with a "hack" from Mid-Day.

What we did not say about The Blue Mug – a very well-written, funny piece with the bonus of a comment by Vinay Pathak on it.

And then someone not so impressed by The Blue Mug:

The cast was from film and TV and the scene seemed quite happening. Rajat Kapoor was the star I knew. That said, I didn’t really understand the play and fell asleep during parts of it. Near the end I had about 5 minutes of what felt like lucidation, but I’m not sure.

Read the full review here.

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