How To Book Tickets For Ranga Shankara

Posted on Jan 11th, 2010 by Shuchi in Ranga Shankara

Book tickets in advance, so we said.

How? Let me count the ways.

booking-counterOver The Counter

Tickets can be bought at Ranga Shankara (36/2 8th Cross II Phase J P Nagar Bangalore 560 078), at their ticket counter right at the entrance. Tickets are usually available for the entire month, soon after the month’s schedule is announced.

Payment mode is cash only.

The ticket counter timings are: 10AM-12.30PM and 5PM-7.30PM; Monday is a holiday.



The telebooking number is mentioned against each play on the Ranga Shankara schedule. This number is specific to the play/troupe, it isn’t a common Ranga Shankara number. It’s also prominently advertised in press releases, websites etc. Look for it, it isn’t easy to miss.

After telebooking, you need to reach Ranga Shankara around 30mins in advance to collect the tickets from the theatre troupe, else they’re released for current booking.

Payment is to be made after reaching the venue when tickets are collected. Payment mode is cash only.

indianstage Online

Sites like Explara and Book My Show give us the luxury of booking play tickets online. Book tickets online, choosing from a range of payment methods (credit/debit card, net banking, e-wallet, etc). There is a small service charge for each ticket.

Cafe Coffee Day Landmark Logo Others

Theatre troupes tie up with other outlets to sell their tickets. Landmark bookstore, Cafe Coffee Day, KC Das are some popular sellers. Keep a watch on the ads released by the theatre group to know which outlets would be selling the tickets you want.

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  1. The management of Rangashankara is no better than any government organisation. Whenever we call up for schedule of any show, the recorded voice blurts out the details of plays staged 2 or 3 days ago, or some play in the distant future of 8 or 10 days in future, which is of no use. the management does not bother to update the sch schedule on day to day basis. The clarity of recorded interactive voice- the less said the better.IT will not even be clear as to which language the voice is in. when i reported to manager in the ticket counter, he is always in self defensive mode, ready for fight and arguments. customers are looking forward to pleasant mannered people to man the ticket counter


    February 21st, 2016 11:10 am

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