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Posted on Dec 21st, 2009 by Shuchi in What Others Say, Evam

urban-turban NDTV Hindu news covered the Chennai staging of Evam’s Urban Turban. You have to hand it to Evam for being media-savvy. Which other theatre event gets talked about on TV?

Watch the video: NDTV coverage of Urban Turban

The Hindu Metro Plus (Chennai) likes the play:

‘Urban Turban: Tall Tales from the top of our heads’, directed by Sunil Vishnu K., is a big step forward for Evam as a theatre group. In this production, based on relentless honesty, candid revelations and brave soul-baring by each actor, the team makes its strongest connect yet with the audience.

…but gently points out the flip side:

the production could certainly do with some cuts. Almost all the acts tend to meander, and actors tend to go on and on and on sometimes, flogging a dead joke.

Read the full piece here.

It appears from the Chennai review that Evam lived up to their claim of “new show each time” – a couple of gags quoted, and the section by  Rabhinder Kannan, were not there in the Kyra debut show.

Not too many personal writings about the play that I can locate. Madhumita has mixed views about the show – read her thoughts over at her blog.

If you absolutely couldn’t stand the play, you might find empathy with Nivedita’s comment#4 – here!

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