What Others Say: Five Grains Of Sugar

Posted on Sep 20th, 2009 by Shuchi in What Others Say, Just Theatre, Solo Acts

Quote from The Hindu (Bangalore) review of the play:

The exaggerated and magnified simplicity and humility of Rajkumar were driven home one too many times, making the one-act play tedious in the protagonist’s attempt to defend his life and its meaning.

The audience, however, were simply delighted — hanging onto every joke, lapping it up and bursting into peals of laughter at the slightest pretext, right till the end.

If the audience was delighted, then who was it that found the play tedious? The Hindu does not say.

I can’t find any more old newspaper reviews of this play. Maybe there’ll be a few after the Sep-09 run in Bangalore. I’ll return to update this section later, if so.

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3 Comments to “What Others Say: Five Grains Of Sugar”

  1. […] has more compliments for a play than me  (psst, they’re usually hard to please. See this and this for proof) . They are full of praise for the lead actors of “An Idiot For Dinner”, […]

    October 26th, 2009 10:13 am

  2. Hi just found this online.. We’ve done about 18 shows in Bangalore so far.. and we’re doing another run at Ranga Shankara… 7th and 8th coming week.. do come. About the review.. it was largely complimentary… 🙂 except for one or two remarks.. and those were our first shows.. we’ve done 18 since.. .. do come if you can.. regards.. nimi

    January 31st, 2012 12:36 pm

  3. 7th and 8th Feb? I’m probably out of town then. Thanks for letting me know about the show…will catch it if I’m around. All the best!

    January 31st, 2012 12:39 pm

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