These are some of my favourite bookmarks. If you have any recommendations for sites to add, please drop me a line via the Contact form.

Theatre Facilities

Ranga Shankara Ranga Shankara

Kyra Theatre Kyra Theatre

Theatre Groups: Official Sites




tn-YoursTruly Yours Truly

Theatre Blogs

Groundling: Written by a freelance creative artist, voice coach and research-practitioner in Australia, Groundling has various thought-provoking articles about contemporary theatre. Theatre Blog: Articles about theatre in UK and elsewhere, on the blog of The Guardian’s online newspaper.

LukeJB: Blog by a theatre artist and scientist living in the Boston area.

Miscellany: Blog of Alison Croggon, Melbourne theatre reviewer for The Australian.

Parabasis: A multi-author culture blog founded by Isaac Butler, with the focus on theatre in New York.

The Bardathon: Theatre reviews by Peter Kirwan, teaching associate in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama at the University of Nottingham.

Thompson’s Bank Of Communicable Desire: Blog of British poet and theatre writer Chris Goode.

Ticket Booking Sites

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