Indian Theatre Groups On Twitter You Should Know About

Indian Theatre Groups On Twitter Get informed about upcoming plays, theatre events, promotional offers and theatre-related news the easy way – follow these twitter accounts.

1. Evam @evam_entd

Twitter account of theatre group Evam. Apart from posting announcements about their plays, they also organize special contests for followers. The prizes in the past have ranged from free tickets to a role in their play.

[Evam once RT-ed a not-so-positive review of their play from DramaDose, which I was very impressed with. How often do we see such sporting acceptance of criticism?]

Twitter: Evam

2. Tahatto @tahatto 

Twitter account of the theatre group Tahatto. They create suspense and buzz around their play launches, seek feedback and interact with followers. They are also quite active during events such as World Theatre Day.
 Tahatto on Twitter

3. Yours Truly Theatre @yt_theatre

Twitter account of the theatre group Yours Truly. They write of their upcoming plays and theatre workshop schedules, link to reviews and announcements about contests such as Complete The Story. High praise from followers gets a sure RT.

Twitter Yours Truly

4. Dramanon @Dramanon

Twitter account of theatre group Dramanon, usually dormant on twitter till a play of theirs is about to be launched. I like their press-release style of informing followers about their plays, steering wisely clear of hyperbole.

Twitter: Dramanon

5. mhp @mostlyharmless

Twitter account of a Chennai-based theatre group Mostly Harmless.

Twitter: Mostly Harmless

6. The Blue Mug @thebluemugplay

Follow the schedule and news about The Blue Mug play with this account.

Twitter: The Blue Mug Play

7. Version One Dot Oh @VODOTheatre

Twitter account of theatre group Version One Dot Oh! Inactive since May’10 but keep an eye on it just in case they revive in future. When they were around, they didn’t just post their own play updates but also read and RTed other interesting tweets, not necessarily about theatre.

Twitter: VODO Theatre

8. Ranga Shankara @rangashankara

The official twitter account of Ranga Shankara, theatre facility in Bangalore. They tweet about the day’s shows, special events such as their Theatre Fest and other theatre-related trivia.

Unlike other organization-managed twitter accounts, this one comes across as pleasantly human and, most commendably, interested in more than self-promotion. Their hash tag #theatrequote is a case in point.

Twitter: Rangashankara

Tip: You could directly follow the DramaDose twitter list theatre-groups, which includes the groups mentioned above and more. Recommendations for addition are welcome.

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Article by Shuchi

Shuchi lives in Bangalore (mostly), when she isn’t traveling out of town for work. She adores theatre and writes about plays she watches whenever she gets a chance.

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6 Comments to “Indian Theatre Groups On Twitter You Should Know About”

  1. The title is a slight misnomer. I expected individuals/artists active in the Indian theatre scene on Twitter. Oops! You meant theatre groups.

    October 12th, 2010 9:27 am

  2. Hi Rency

    I see what you mean. The small issue then that Ranga Shankara does not fit! Anyway, I’ll update the title. Thanks!

    Your comment gives me the idea to do an individuals list too :).

    By the way, does your group have a twitter account?

    October 12th, 2010 9:33 am

  3. Yes, we do but we haven’t used it extensively yet. For the moment, just reserved the name. (@misfittheatre)

    Thrilled about the individuals list. Looking forward for that.

    October 12th, 2010 9:45 am

  4. Hey Suchi, Nice List. I maintain a similar one…thanks to you 1 could add a couple of more ids. 🙂

    Hope you are coming for our show of “Full Meals” tonight at Alliance Francaise.

    October 15th, 2010 11:33 am

  5. Hey Piyush, Couldn’t make it but I saw all the positive feedback on twitter. Good going!

    October 18th, 2010 11:37 am

  6. There another show this saturday, 7:30pm at Kyra. Don’t miss it this time, coz I am not sure when will the show happen again.

    October 19th, 2010 1:01 pm

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