Urban Turban: New show each time?

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urban-turban The Hindu MetroPlus (Chennai) previews Urban Turban’s upcoming show to be held at Alliance Française, Chennai on 5th/6th Dec 09:

Karthik Kumar has failed the CAT, is in denial, and thinks he is Hercule Poirot; T.M. Karthik Srinivasan thinks he can act, thinks he can sing, thinks he can’t dance and thinks about what to do after quitting his job; Rabhinder Kannan is in his first job…

The outline of the show is pretty different from the one I saw at Kyra, Bangalore. The Hindu’s article confirms this: "No two shows are the same, they promise"!

Read the full piece here.

The description of Shannon’s new story ("Shannon McDonnell has four dogs, one cat and one husband") holds more promise than the one in their debut act, which I wasn’t so impressed with. In general, the new story snapshots are pretty attractive. Plus, there are more people involved in the Chennai act.

I’m beginning to think that with Evam, we’d be wiser to catch performances after they’ve gone on stage a few times. Their first few attempts seem to be like beta runs of a software. Not that I didn’t like the Kyra debut show. I enjoyed it hugely, but it felt under-prepared. The same happened with The Importance Of Being Earnest – the play improved after it was enacted a couple of times. Those who caught the opening shows had a fair share of complaints, which we didn’t.

If you watch Urban Turban at Chennai this weekend, do leave a comment to say how it worked for you.

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  1. […] appears from the Chennai review that Evam lived up to their claim of “new show each time” – a couple of gags quoted, and the section by  Rabhinder Kannan, were not there in the […]

    December 21st, 2009 7:38 pm

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